Who We Are

Al Negair For Recruitment officemost innovative and best performance in the area of recruitment agents.Our strategy is to provide outstanding recruitment services and high quality necessary to the largest possible number of customers, our distinctive, with the world.Our values and our expectations lie at the heart of everything we do and ...

What we offer

  • ntermediary mediation services
  • Trained Home Employment
  • Human resources for companies and institutions

Where bringing in

  • الهند
  • egypt
  • Philippines
  • Ethiopia

1.Business services

We provide professional human resources from all countries authorized to recruit from them, for all business sectors from different institutions and companies

2.Personnel Services

We provide qualified workers and trainers that meet the needs of our clients

3.Mediation services

We mediate on behalf of our clients to bring the trained manpower required in all sectors (individuals and businesses)

Riyadh - Al Malaz - Al Ahsa Street